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We have 35 years experience in the Marine Industry with a vast knowledge of Fabrication and Welding Processes as they relate to visual inspection, nondestructive testing and certification, operational testing, welding procedure specification and more.

• Certified ASNT Level III (70979) & AWS –SCWI, CWS, CWE

• Nondestructive Testing – MT, PT, UT, VT

• UT Hull Gauging & Thickness Measurements

• Welding Inspection (SCWI - 99060018) & Procedures

• Classroom Training & Consulting

• TRI Air Emission Calculations

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Jackie is ASNT certified Level III in MT, PT, & VT; ACCP certified Level III MT & PT, Level II VT & UT. He is currently pursuing Level III UT certification. He is also a member of the Ameican Welding Society, a CWS, SCWI and CWE. He owns Morris Marine Consulting LLC and is under contract with the State of Alabama to provide training services for DOD contractors in accordance with Navsea & Military standards for welding and NDT. He has also developed several manuals, including a company NDT manual approved by the US Navy and American Bureau of Shipping. He was the quality manager for a large shipyard for 33+ years. He has experience in both government and commercial contracts.


35 years experience in the marine industry with a vast knowledge of fabrication and welding processes as they relate to:


• Visual inspection

• Nondestructive testing and certification

• Destructive testing

• Operational testing

• Welding procedure specification

• Procedure qualification records

• Welder qualifications

• Welding processes, advantages and disadvantages and applied economics

• Material test reports and traceability

• Process control procedures

• Inspection and NDT procedures

• ISO 900 certification and compliance


Work daily with AWS ASME, API, ABS requirements and military standards

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