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MT, PT, UT & VT - $75.00 per hour / per person during normal business hours. Business hours are Monday through Friday 7am to 5pm.


Hours outside of normal business hours will be charged at a rate of time and a half. Sunday and holidays will be charged double time.


Materials, travel expenses and reports outside of normal business hours are:


• Mileage 0.54/mile

• Per Diem will be charged $130.00 per day / per technician

• Auto cad / excel report will be charged at a rate of $50.00 per hour

Inspection service rates and fees

$100.00 per hour for welding and process control procedure development


Training manual development is $100.00 per hour with an electronic copy and one color copy provided

Procedure and training materials rates

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Course program rates and prices

Certified Welding Inspector Course: $2850.00

Certified Welding Supervisor Course: $2450.00


Includes: $850 AWS test, $300 code, $99 AWS membership,

        all AWS reference and course study material


• Magnetic Particle Course Program: $800

• Liquid Penetrant Course Program: $800

• Visual and Optical Course Program: $900

• Ultrasonic: $1200 - $1700


* Prices may vary based on location and are subject to change.

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