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Morris Marine Training Classes and Schedule

Our owner / instructor is an active member of both the American Welding Society (AWS) and the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) and teach many of their required certification courses. Put your trust in our team to help get you ready for your certification tests. We also obtain the complete AWS Technical Library and ASNT Reference Materials at our facility and it can be utilized during normal business hours or loaned with a driver's license.

• Senior Certified Welding Inspector (99030018)

• Certified Welding Supervisor (00000IS)

• Certified Welding Educator (9907009E)

American Welding Society training

• Level III Certificate #70979

• Magnetic Particle Testing

• Liquid Penetrant Testing

• Visual and Optical Testing

American Society of

Nondestructive Testing training

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quality materials and instruction


Hours are dependent upon education and experience. Each student will receive their own personal training manual developed by MMC, which is in accordance with the requirements of the ASNT CP-105.


Curriculum includes:

• CP-189

• Terms and definitions

• NDT processes - Level I and II

• Weld Joint Geometry

• Discontinuities and Defects

• Codes, standards and specifications

• Inspection tools

• Safety-general and process specific

• Welding and other NDT processes

Pursue your success with welding certification


Certified Welding Inspector

Certification requires a three-part test:

• Fundamentals (course curriculum)

• Practical (hands-on)

• Code (choice of five codes)


Certified Welding Supervisor

Certification requires a two-part test:

• Fundamentals (course curriculum)

• Economics (math of applied economics)


Courses are provided to prepare you for the national certification exam. Each class is 40 hours. You will receive a training manual and code book, as necessary.

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American Welding Society training American Society of 
Nondestructive Testing training Magnetic particle testing Mobile, AL