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Welding mask and instruments

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We offer a full range of courses in welding inspection, welding economics, the major Nondestructive Testing Methods and other related subjects. Each course is scheduled throughout the year as our calendar changes. All methods are taught under the direction of an experienced Senior Certified Welding Inspector, Certified Welding Supervisor, Certified Welding Educator and ASNT Level III. Many programs we offer can be conducted at your location and customized to your specific needs or customer requirements.

All of our courses follow the recommended Body of Knowledge as published by AWS as well as Recommended Practice SNT-TC-1A and ASNT Standard CP-105; Topical Outlines for Qualification of Nondestructive Testing Personnel as published by ASNT.


Each student receives their own study materials and references. Our classroom and shop facility provide adequate space for up to 25 students. This allows us to keep classes relatively small, as well as for the opportunity for one-on-one training with our students.

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• American Welding Societies Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) Preparatory course

• American Welding Societies Certified Welding Supervisor (CWS) Preparatory course


American Welding Societies endorsements:


• AWS D1.1 Structural Steel Code

• API 1104 Standard – Welding of Pipelines and Related Facilities

• Specification for Fusion Welding for Aerospace Applications- AWS D17.1

• ASNT Level I and II Certification Courses for:

       • Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

       • Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT)

       • Radiographic Interpretation (RI)

       • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

       • Visual Testing (VT)

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Classroom Courses:

  • Classroom Courses:

  • 40 hour Certified Welding Inspector / Preparatory

  • Certified Welding Supervisor (CWS)  Preparatory

  • Radiographic Film Interpretation Level II

  • Applications of Visual Welding Inspection Advanced Visual Welding Inspection

Courses Descriptions

CWI / CWE Preparatory

This course is designed for individuals who desire to achieve the status of an AWS Certified Welding Inspector. We offer this course for new students. This allows students to study materials in a suitable learning environment.


Senior CWI Preparatory

This course offers training experiences designed to prepare individuals meeting the requirements of the AWS QC-1 to successfully complete the AWS Senior Certified Welding Inspector (SCWI) to take the SCWI examinations. Students will be required to provide their own Codes, Standards and Recommended Practices to be used during the course and examinations. A suggested list is the SCWI body of knowledge.

This course will be offered as an online course in spring of 2014.


CWI / CWE Endorsement Preparatory Courses

These courses are specifically designed for SCWI or CWI/CWE endorsement testing to develop skills to identify pertinent information provided, quickly locate the appropriate section of the Code to be used and accurately interpret Code requirements. Courses are available for the following Codes/Standards: AWS D1.1, 17.1, AWS D15.1 or API 1104. Students are required to provide their own Code or Standard to be used during the course and examination.


Certified Welding Supervisor Preparatory

This preparatory course concentrates on the knowledge needed to improve weld quality, increase productivity and provide a safe and efficient welding environment.

AWS Codes - D1.1 and D17.1

These courses are designed for QC personnel, welding supervisors, inspectors, managers, auditors and others who desire to increase their understanding of AWS Codes. Guided lessons on each section of the code will include in-depth studies of welding procedure and welder qualification and certification, mechanical testing, nondestructive inspection, acceptance standards and workmanship requirements.

These courses are scheduled based on student participation.


Liquid Penetrant / Magnetic Particle and CP-103 (PT/MT) Level I and II

Each course is designed to meet the classroom training requirements of ASNT's SNT-TC-1A document for qualification and certification of nondestructive testing personnel. Students are provided total classroom training hours and examinations with the required number of questions which satisfy both Level I and II guidelines. Each course is designed to verify comprehension using progress checks throughout the course prior to final examination. Final examinations include general knowledge,

practical application and specific examinations using applicable source documents.


Ultrasonic (UT) Digital Thickness

This course provides basic knowledge on ultrasonic inspection for digital thickness measurements of steels. Emphasis is placed on sound velocities, frequescy, equipment, transducers, selection and instrument calibration techniques. This course is practical in nature, utilizes classroom participation, and allows for hands on application in the use of ultrasonic equipment for measuring material thicknesses.

This course is designed for NDT technicians, welding inspectors, autidtors,

supervisors, managers, engineers, quality assurance /  quality personnel, and others who desire to improve their skills in this area.

  • Ultrasonic Inspection (UT) Digital Thickness

  • Liquid Penetrant / Magnetic Particle (PT/MT) Inspection Level I and II API

  • API NO4 Stardard - W

  • Senior Certified Welding Inspector (SCWI) Preparatory

  • AWS D17.1 Aerospace Code

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