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Ultrasonic thickness hull surveys are one of our specialties. We also offer visual liquid penetration and other inspections.

We can also develop procedures and provide both internal training and internal audits of your company's welding and\or NDT programs.

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At Morris Marine Consulting, our goal is to provide the highest level of quality services for our customers and our students.


The services we provide are over 35 years of experience in welding and nondestructive testing, as well as providing classroom training and certification in both welding inspection and nondestructive training and certification.


Our mission is to meet or exceed our customer's expectations in the inspection services we provide, as well as prepare our students with the skills and experience that they need to better their future through hands-on training and certification, so that they can apply those skills learned.


We recognize that the effectiveness of welding inspection and NDT depends solely upon the capabilities of the personnel responsible for the inspections and NDT services they perform. That is a direct result of the training that was provided.


We vision training as the key to personnel qualification and the ingredient necessary for anyone who performs NDT or wishes to operate an effective NDT program. The comprehensive training courses offered by MMC have a direct impact on the quality and overall performance of NDT personnel.


With over 35 years of experience in the welding inspection and NDT industry, our focus is on the presentation of information and the development of skills that can be transformed into real life, real world performance results by those who attend our classes.


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